Activate Market Broadband® Integration

Please see for details.
  1. Create an account at Market Broadband®.
  2. Note:

    Account is the account name at Market Broadband. FccService defines the service or package types used for new subscribers queries. 1 = Internet, 3 = VoIP. FtpDirectory is the upload directory on the FTP server. Username and Password are the FTP credentials for logging in. Radius specifies the area (in miles) around your new customers that are potential marketing targets.

    Configure the list MarketBroadband for all fields except LastProcessedTime from the values obtained from Market Broadband.
  3. Choose System Administration > Batch Processing, click the number of the marketbroadband Process Group.
  4. Choose the batch process number for Market Broadband Proximity Plus Export change the status to Active.
  5. Click Run Process to manually invoke the process for a test.
  6. If successful, change the marketbroadband Process Group to Active.