Add a Credit Card to an Account (API)

A method for adding a Credit Card to an Account outside of the Staff Portal or Customer Portal. The following is done on the BillMax server.

  1. Populate the environment with the following variables:
    Variable Value
    FORM_number 0
    FORM_action SAVE
    FORM_paytype 2
    FORM_account Account Number
    FORM_fname First name
    FORM_mname Middle name
    FORM_lname Last name
    FORM_company Company
    FORM_addr1 Address
    FORM_city City
    FORM_statename State
    FORM_zip Zip/Postal code
    FORM_country Country
    FORM_phone Phone number
    FORM_email Email address
    Credit card added to Account but not used for automated payments
    Credit card added to Account and used for automated payments.
    FORM_ccnum Credit Card number
    FORM_cvnum CVV number
    FORM_ccexp_month Expiration month
    FORM_ccexp_year Expiration year - 4 digit
    Credit card
    Prepaid/Gift Card
    FORM_generation blank

    All variables are required, but ones not relevant may be left blank.

  2. Execute /usr/local/billmax/cgi-bin/enter_efpdata.cgi. Success return EX_OK and "Status: 204 No Response\n\n" is written to stdout.