Add Authorization in Customer Portal

Note: Payment Authorizations can be captured when inputting Bank Accounts or Credit Cards.

  1. Edit /usr/local/billmax/html/portal.v2/config/edge.php and set authorization_required to true.
  2. Create a Ticket Queue Payment Method Authorization with an Issue Payment Method Authorization and a Resolution of Payment Method Authorization and note the number of each item.
  3. Note:
         * Ticketing support queues available to user; queues must exist on server!
        'queues' => '{"Billing": 1, "Service": 2, "Payment Method Authorization": 3}',
         * Hard coded; problem set on create. resolution set on close
        'problems' => '{"Billing": 1, "Service": 2, "Payment Method Authorization": 2}',
        'resolutions' => '{"Billing": 1, "Service": 2, "Payment Method Authorization": 5}',
    Update edge.php with these numbers and save. Restart the customer portal.
  4. Verify that an authorization is saved. When a customer clicks the Authorize button when adding a payment method, a closed Ticket will be created on the User with a Message containing identifying information and User information.