Allocations are internal records that are used in BillMax to tie credits to debits. Allocations are the basis for the Cash based Sales Reports. Allocation records consist of:
  1. Allocations
  2. Allocation Reversals

Allocations describe both the date and time of the Allocation as well as the amount of the credit allocated to the debit.

Allocation Reversals reverse the original Allocation, either partially or in total. Allocation Reversals may be created under the following circumstances:
  1. When a credit is reversed.
  2. When a debit is reversed.
  3. When the Allocations are manually adjusted through the BillMax Staff Portal.

Under normal processing, BillMax automatically creates Allocations and Allocation Reversals. However, BillMax does allow for interrupting this normal processing. Transactions may be flagged to have manual Allocations only. Under this circumstance, someone will have to use the BillMax Staff Portal link the credits to debits.

Flagging transactions for manual Allocations may lead to situations where the Account's balance is zero, but the Account is considered overdue. This occurs because unused credits are not linked to unpaid debits.

Flagging a transaction for manual Allocations is very rare. Sometimes it is set temporarily to manipulate the Allocations to the transaction, but in general should not be left in that condition. It should be reverted to accepting automated Allocations.