Update Pending Transactions

  1. Select System Administration > Pending Transactions.
  2. Select Run Report to see what transactions exist in the system that need a T/S pair during the transition period.
  3. Select Update Pending Transactions Using Product Definitions to have BillMax update all transactions it can based on the T/S pair of the Production Definition it is associated with.
  4. Select Run Report again and see if you have any remaining transactions. These transaction may have issues with missing the User Place Code or the T/S pair. Add the T/S pairs on the definitions and check the User for a valid address.
  5. Note:

    If desired, as a convenience feature, Update Pending Transactions Set To 0/0 may be used. It will set all Pending Sales/Credits not associated with a Product Definition (i.e. General Sales) to the 0/0 T/S pair, if the 0/0 T/S pair is in the system.

    Run Report again until you have no transactions listed.