Bandwidth Management with Preseem®

BillMax can be used in conjunction with Preseem®’s bandwidth management to enforce subscriber and access point bandwidth limits and to manage streaming video and other high-bandwidth applications while improving subscriber Quality of Experience.

Presently Preseem uses database polling versus an API to obtain subscriber and network information from BillMax.

Preseem requires read access to these tables:

  • Account
  • User
  • Service
  • Servdef
  • Servicechange

To provide database access, create a database account and give it read access to the above listed tables. Preseem staff will provide the necessary “from” host IPs for this account. In addition, external firewall changes may be needed to allow MySQL® access (port 3306) from external hosts. BillMax strongly recommends that access to its database be given only to select hosts!

Use the following SQL to create the necessary account and access:

      CREATE USER 'preseem'@'HOSTIP' identified by ‘PASSWORD';
      grant select on billmax.account to ‘preseem’@’HOSTIP’;
      grant select on billmax.user to ‘preseem’@’HOSTIP’;
      grant select on billmax.service to ‘preseem’@’HOSTIP’;
      grant select on billmax.servdef to ‘preseem’@’HOSTIP’;
      grant select on billmax.servicechange to ‘preseem’@’HOSTIP’;

Preseem will poll these tables periodically looking for change to specific fields. Account and user are used for identification purposes. Servdef and servicechange are used for obtaining the plan (bandwidth) information. Service is used to identify the IP and possibly the MAC address for the managed Internet access.

In addition to the above, Preseem needs information about Access Points. Access Point information location in BillMax varies by version and installation. During deployment please consult with BillMax support concerning how your data is organized. Preseem will need this information when configuring its polling or external tables.