BillMax VOIP/Telecommunication Overview

BillMax supports billing for VOIP/Telecommunication services that range from very simple billing practices to complex scenarios. Examples of simple to complex are:
  1. Billing one price the service, usage included.
  2. Billing one price the service with additional billing for usage.
  3. Billing for both outgoing and incoming calls.
  4. Billing for specialty numbers such as incoming Toll Free numbers and premium (900,976) numbers.
  5. Billing for combined usage from multiple lines for corporate and family plans.

BillMax also supports managing Universal Service Fund (USF) assessments, both the Federal and State portions. This includes support for reporting to the managing entities such as the Universal Service Administrative Co. (USAC) and passing assessments through to the end customer.

Activating the CDR Billing module in BillMax requires a license with CDR Billing activated. Very simple service only billing for VOIP/Telecommunication may be done without the CDR Billing module activated.