Billing Statement

A Billing Statement is a BillMax document that shows activity from the last Billing Statement to the current one determined by the transactions' Post Date. They are most likely used for retail customers. They may contain one or more of the following:
  1. Invoice displaying all line items
  2. Payment
  3. Payment Reversal
  4. Refund
  5. Refund Reversal
In addition the Billing Statement will include:
  1. A beginning balance
  2. An ending balance
  3. Notes
  4. Information about Credit Card or Electronic Check declines

For Accounts associated with an Account Profile marked to sent Billing Statements, all sales transactions will have the same due date and the same electronic collection date.

Note: To maintain parallel data processing, Billing Statements are created for customers associated with Account Profiles marked to send Invoices. However, these are not sent automatically to the customer. In addition, if the Billing Statement contains data from more than one Invoice, sales transactions may have different due dates and electronic collection dates. Therefore, although allowable, sending a Billing Statement to an Invoice customer is not advised.