Bookkeeping Report

The Bookkeeping report is a report that combines multiple financial reports into a single report. These reports include:
  • Sales - includes Sales, Sales Reversals, Store Credits and Store Credit Reversals
  • Payments - include Payments and Payment Reversals
  • Refunds - includes Refunds and Refund Reversals
  • Write Offs

These used for updating an accounting system.

In addition to these transactions, Payments, Payment Reversals, Refunds and Refund Reversals may be grouped into Bank Deposits. If this is done, Bank Deposit information is also included in the Bookkeeping Report.

The data displayed by the Bookkeeping report is the basis for creating an Intuit® IIF file suitable for importing into QuickBooks®.
  • Sales Options map to Items in QuickBooks.
  • IIF Income Account Options map to Income Accounts in QuickBooks.
  • IIF Class Options map to Class in QuickBooks.

The default output from BillMax for Items, Income Accounts and Class may not be correct for the BillMax customer. BillMax provides a list for mapping the Item, Income Account and Class values to those desired in QuickBooks.

The data displayed by the Bookkeeping report can also be the basis for creating a CSV file suitable for importing into NetSuite®. Lists allow for custom setup for NetSuite® income account mapping and exports.