Configure Avalara® T/S Pairs

  1. Login to the BillMax Staff Portal using an ID with Configuration privileges.
  2. Select System Administration > Avalara Tax Service > Download T/S Mappings and choose All Products or Products without T/S Pairs. Select Spreadsheet.
  3. Cut and paste the columns representing the SKU, Product Name, and Product Description into the Avalara Product Mapping Spreadsheet columns that match.
  4. Note: The T/S Pair (0,0) is for Packages and Services with no tax.
    Note: To upload the file into BillMax, it must be saved as a CSV file.
    Populate the Transaction Type and the Service Type columns and save file.
  5. Select System Administration > Avalara Tax Service > Upload T/S Mappings.
  6. Choose the saved file and click Upload Files.
  7. If Late Fees are assessed go to System Administration > T/S Pairs. Click the T/S Number and select the T/S Pair for Late Fee Transaction/Service Pair and enter a description to be used in billing. Click Save.