Configure a Network Access Server (NAS)

  1. Choose System Administration > Network Access Servers
  2. Select New
  3. Enter the following:
    Field Value
    Name IP address of NAS
    Secret key value specified in NAS and RADIUS configuration
    RADIUS Column Type Select Terminal IP Address
    RADIUS Column Value IP address of NAS
    Resources Select the RADIUS check box
    Note: The other NAS settings are rarely used. The Service Lookup fields are used to identify the service associated with the usage reflected in the Radius accounting request (e.g. the datacall table). The lookup provides a means to identify services where Usernames are not unique as many occur when multiple Radius non-synchronized servers are deployed.
  4. Repeat for additional Network Access Servers
  5. Select System Administration > RADIUS Servers
  6. Select the applicable RADIUS server
  7. Select Reload Configuration