Configure Bundled FreeRADIUSĀ® Server

These steps will configure the FreeRADIUSĀ® instance bundled with BillMax.

  1. Configure and start the remote application server (Edge). Setup the Customer Portal
  2. Add the FreeRADIUSĀ® Remote Application.
    1. Select System Administration > Remote Applications
    2. Select New and do the following:
      1. Enter the following:
        Field Value
        Name RADIUS
        Description RADIUS
        Type Select FreeRADIUS
        Company Select a company
        Application Login Name Specify a string that is unique between Remote Applications.
        Client IP
      2. Click Generate Session ID
      3. Click Save
      4. Select System Administration > Manage Edge Process and start or restart the edge process
  3. As the root user in the shell, execute /usr/local/billmax/bin/
  4. Add the RADIUS server
    1. Select System Administration > RADIUS Servers
    2. Select New
    3. Enter the following
      • Field Value
        Description Primary Server
        Database Name billmax
        This must be the same as the BillMax database name. Check billmax.conf file.
    4. Select Save
  5. Select Start Server if the local RADIUS server if not running as shown by Server Status
  6. Test basic RADIUS functionality.
    1. Enter in Test Settings
      Field Value
      Subscriber Username ping
      Subscriber Password w3e4r5t^y&u8
      Shared Secret testing123
      Type Authorization
    2. Select Test on the menu. if successful an Access-Accept message will display
      Sent Access-Request Id 81 from to length 44
      	User-Name = "ping"
      	User-Password = "w3e4r5t^y&u8"
      	Cleartext-Password = "w3e4r5t^y&u8"
      Received Access-Accept Id 81 from to length 20
    3. Change Type to Accounting
    4. Add to Test Settings the following:
      Field Value
      SessionID RADIUS0123
      Elapsed Time 33
      Elapsed Band Width 123
    5. Select Test on the menu. if successful an Accounting-Request message will display
      Sent Accounting-Request Id 193 from to length 62
      	User-Name = "ping"
      	NAS-IP-Address =
      	Acct-Session-Id = "RADIUS0123"
      	Acct-Status-Type = Start
      	Acct-Session-Time = 33
      	Acct-Output-Octets = 123
      Received Accounting-Response Id 193 from to length 20