Configure Zoho

Refer to Zoho documentation for the specific details. Items in italics denote BillMax site specific values that must be supplied by the BillMax customer.

  1. Add new fields to the Contact record.
    Warning! The field names must be exactly as shown and are case sensitive! Copy to Billmax is optional and needed only if not all Contacts are synced with BillMax.
    Table 1. Zoho Fields
    Field Name Type
    Billmax Account Number Number
    Company Single Line
    Copy to Billmax Checkbox
  2. Configure the BillMax Webhook with the following settings:
    Name: Billmax
    URL: https://Billmax portal host/zohoContact
    Method: POST
    Module: Contacts
    Warning! The parameter names must be exactly as shown and are case sensitive!
    Warning! If the checkbox Copy to Billmax is used, the webhook rule must be changed so the hook is run only if Copy to Billmax is true.
    Table 2. Parameters
    Parameter Name Parameter Value
    Contact_Id Contact Id
    Last_Name Last Name
    First_Name First Name
    Lead_Source Lead Source
    Email Email
    Phone Phone
    Mailing_Street Mailing Street
    Mailing_City Mailing City
    Mailing_State Mailing State
    Mailing_Zip Mailing Zip
    Mailing_Country Mailing Country
    Other_Street Other Street
    Other_City Other City
    Other_State Other State
    Other_Zip Other Zip
    Other_Country Other Country
    Other_Email Other Email
    Other_Phone Other Phone
    Billmax_Account_Number Billmax Account Number
    Company Company
  3. Create Work flow Rule.
    Name: Billmax webhook
    When: On Record Create. Create or Edit.
    Condition: All Contacts or Contacts matching certain criteria
    If only certain Contacts are synced between Zoho and BillMax, the condition should be Copy to Billmax is selected.
    Instant Action: Billmax (webhook created in Step 2)