Create One Time Fee Using a Selectable Fee Group

One Time Fees can be added and billed with a Package or Bundle. When the Package is billed the first time, the One Time Fee is billed also. Some One Time Fees are limited by the Selectable Fee Group that they belong to. Example: POP

  1. Select Billing Administration > Lists.
  2. Select feeselectgroups.
  3. Click Add and enter the name in the Item and what to Match on.
  4. If the item has to match for the fee to be charged, click Match Required. Matches are made on User information.
  5. Select Billing Administration > One Time Item/Fee.
  6. Click New and specify the Name, Billing Display, Charge Type, and Price and the Selectable Fee Group.
  7. Enter the criteria for the Selectable Fee Group.
  8. Specify the other fields as desired and click Save.
  9. To add the One Time Fee, bring up the Package/Service definition. On the Package Elements tab, click Add. Choose the One Time Fee Group. One Time Fees can be added a Bundle Element also.
Example: List item "Install Fee" matches on POP. Create a One Time Fee for each POP needed or a default "Match Any" for all POPs.
Recommendation: Consider creating a default One Time Fee to avoid errors if an item has to be matched when a package is created. Otherwise, leave Match Required unchecked and the item will be matched if possible.