Create Promotions

Promotions are Referral Credits that are offered on particular Packages or Services for a period of time. The Packages or Services must offer a Referral Credit for an amount other than zero.

  1. Setup:
    1. Edit a Package or Service Definition.
    2. Specify the Referral Amount in the General section on the General tab.
    3. Specify the Referral Wait Days. These are the number of days to wait after a Service is Open before issuing the Referral Amount.
    4. Save the edits.
    5. Select Billing Administration > Promotions.
    6. Click New and specify the Name, Dates, and Amount for each Promotion.
  2. Implementation:
    1. Edit or add a new Package or Service.
    2. Specify the Referral Account in the General section on the General tab. The magnifying glass will give you Search options available to location the Account.
    3. Specify the Referral Amount from the drop-down choices.
  3. Results:
    1. Nightly processing will create the Store Credit transaction for the Referral Account if the Service is Open and the number of Referral Wait Days has passed.
    2. Referral Amounts are credited only to Open or Suspended Accounts.
    3. The description for the transaction is Referral of UserFirstName UserLastName, ('NameOnService')
    4. The Charge Type of the Store Credit for Sales Report purposes will be Referral Credit.
    5. The Service Definition of the Store Credit for Sales Report Purposes will be the Package or Service Definition of the referred product.