Install BillMax

  1. Download the BillMax RPM.
    1. Using a web browser, go to
    2. Click LOGIN. Contact for the user name and password if you don't know it.
    3. Download the Cent OS 7 RPM.
    4. Copy the RPM to the Cent OS machine.
  2. Install BillMax.
    1. Login to the Cent OS machine as root.
    2. Execute yum -y groupinstall base.
    3. Execute rpm -ivh nameOfRPM.
    4. Execute cd /opt/billmax/install.
    5. Execute ./
      Note: Accepting the defaults for the prompts is recommended.
      When specifying the root password for the database, do not use the "$" or the "#" character.
    6. Execute yum -y update.
    7. Make note of the URL displayed which includes BxConfigure.cgi.
  3. Execute /usr/local/billmax/bin/machid. Send the output to to request a license.
  4. After receiving the license, using a web browser, go the URL displayed at the end of step 2 which includes BxConfigure.cgi and continue with configuring BillMax.