Create Salesforce CRM User

This user will be used by the API calls. This user should have administrative rights and must have a profile where Send Outbound Messages is turned off.
  1. In Salesforce select Setup>Users>Profiles and clone a profile with administrative rights. Name the profile Sys Admin - No outbound
  2. Edit the profile and de-select Send Outbound Messages
  3. In Salesforce selectSetup>>Users and click New User.
    This user will be known as the "hook user". You will need to provide a valid email address where you have access.
  4. After the hook user is created, check you email from Salesforce to finish the registration process.
    Retain the password for later use.
  5. While logged in as the hook user, click View Profile icon in the top corner and then click Settings.
  6. Click Reset My Security Token and complete the instructions.
    Retain the security token for later use.
  7. In Salesforce select Setup>Apps>App Manager and click New Connected App.
  8. Enter "BillMax for Connected App Name and for API Name. Enter Contact Email. Click Enable Oauth Settings.
  9. Enter Callbak URL as https://<your-salesforce-site>/services/oauth2/token and select "Full Access" for Selected OAuth Scopes and click Save.
    Retain the client_id(Consumer Key) and client_secret(Consumer Secret) value for later use.