Salesforce Synchronization Log Files and Error Messages

The following is a list of places to check for errors.

Salesforce to BillMax

Outbound Messages
Check the Outbound Message Status in Setup>Environments>Monitoring>Outbound Messages . It will tell you if the "push" failed. If you see no records either the attempt was not made or it was successful.
In the BillMax list Salesforce, if the parameter Logfile is set to "1", this log file is always written. If "0" error messages will be written to this file
This file is on the public Web server or if testing locally it is on the BillMax server.
PHP log file
Possible Error Messages
Data Error
SOAP response was a
DNS Error
The domain name "xxx" was not in the supported set of domain names for the certificate.

BillMax to Salesforce

Errors are typically presented to the CSR if real time provisioning is being used. Details on the error can be found in:

This file details the errors pushing Account information to Salesforce Accounts.
This file details the errors pushing User information to Salesforce Contacts.