Scanned Checks

BillMax also offers integration with check scanners. When using a check scanner, a payment file is produced by the scanning process then uploaded to BillMax for processing. Presently BillMax supports file formats produced by MagtekĀ®. In particular, see

The scanned data may be processed in one of two ways:
  • Check data is entered and payments posted as if manually entered. Checks are then deposited in a bank account.
  • Check data is converted to electronic checks and payment is collected via electronic check processing. This may result in speedier deposits and avoid trips to the bank.
Important: To use the check conversion process, your customers must be informed that their checks may be converted to electronic checks.
Any electronic check payment method entered using the conversion process will be marked as such in the interface. The electronic payment entry will show the original check number for reference on the Account's Billing tab. These records should not be used for Auto Pay unless prior approval has been given from the customer.

The scanning process captures the check number, the bank account, and the bank routing number. The payment amount and the account number must be entered manually. To aide this entry, when using the check conversion option, BillMax will save the scanned and entered data as an electronic check payment method record if no record exists for that bank account. These records are then used to process the checks electronically and provide a lookup of account and balance for subsequent check scans.