Set Place Codes for Users

  1. Run System Administration > Batch Processing > avalarageobatchapi to retrieve a Place Code for all User/Service locations.
  2. Note: When a Place Code is retrieved, the County and Country are also retrieved and updated on the User in BillMax.
    After the initial run, set the batch process to run nightly for new Users/Service Locations. P Codes are also refreshed monthly 2 days before billing occurs.
  3. Note: Closed Users are ignored. Only errors are reported.
    Check System Administration > Log Files > Other > avalara_xxxx-xx-xx.log for errors. xxxx representing a date.
  4. Run System Administration > User Place Codes for a list of Users with Place Codes missing.
  5. Check to see if the User has a valid Longitude and Latitude or a valid address to get a valid Place Code.