Setup an Avalara Tax Exemption

  1. Bring up an Account and click the Add Avalara Tax Exemption tab.
  2. Choose the Status as Active.
  3. Choose the Place Code for the location that the exemption applies.
  4. Note: A Tax Exemption can be for a category or a particular tax type. Only one selection is allowed per exemption.
    Choose the Category Id if the location is exemption for all taxes and fees of that category.
  5. Choose the Tax Type if the location is exempted for a particular tax. See for more information.
  6. Select a combination of one or more values for Scope of the tax exemption. Scope determine where the exemption is to be applied.
  7. Select the Domain. The Domain is the taxing jurisdiction that determines when an exemption is applied.
  8. The Type is defaulted to Tax Examption. Some Accounts may have negotiated a tax or fee removed. If the tax or fee must still be paid by your company, mark the Type as No Pass Through. The item will not be displayed on the customer's bill.
  9. Exempt Non-billable is defaulted to No. If non-billable items should be exempted for this location, change it to Yes.
  10. Force Level Exemptable is defaulted to No. For more information contact Avalara.