Tax Rules

Tax Rules are instructions to BillMax possibly to increase or decrease the amount of a Sale subject to tax. BillMax supports the following Tax Rules:

  • A monthly exemption. This is applicable in Texas where the first $25.00 per month of all Internet Access services sold to a customer is non-taxable. All Sales in excess of $25.00 are taxed. BillMax tracks this by month and makes the appropriate adjustments when Sales, Sales Returns, Store Credits and Store Credit Reversals are invoiced for an Account.
  • A percentage exemption. This is used when sales are subject to a particular tax, but because of the nature of the sale, the whole amount is not subject to tax. For example, 90% of a sale might be subject to tax. 10% is exempt.
  • A monthly maximum. This is the converse of the monthly exemption. Only a certain amount for a particular good or service is subject to tax. Any amount over is not taxable.