Team Members and Ticket Subscribers

Team Members

Each Queue may have a list of Team Members. A Team Member has the following options:
  • Supervisor - Yes or No. A Supervisor of a Queue may have more functionality than a non-Supervisor depending on the Queue settings.
  • Round Robin - Yes or No. If a Queue is set to do automated assignment of Tickets via round robin selection, this setting determines whether the Team Member is available for selection in the round robin. This is useful for excluding Team Members such as Supervisors or Team Members that are unavailable.
A Team Member also has settings that control whether or not notifications of Ticket Updates or Messages are sent to them. There are settings for when the Team Member is the Assignee and when just a monitor. The following settings are used as defaults when adding a Team Member as a Ticket Subscriber. This facilitates per Ticket control over receiving Ticket Updates or receiving Messages. Ticket Updates are sent only if the System Email Templates template Ticket Notification is Active. The settings are:
  • Ticket Updates - Ticket Updates for which emails are sent are:
    • New - A new Ticket is created.
    • Assignment - A Ticket has a new Assignee. If a Assignee is changed from one Authorized User to another, an email will be sent to both parties
    • Status
    • Queue
    • Priority - An email will be sent only if the Priority changes and the Priority Threshold of the Ticket Subscriber is met or exceeded.
    • Issue
    • Delete - A Ticket is deleted.
  • Receive Messages - This denotes whether or not Messages added to a Ticket are forwarded to the Ticket Subscriber.

Ticket Subscribers

Ticket Subscribers are Authorized Users that are monitoring the progress of a Ticket. They optionally may choose to receive Messages when emailed.

Team Members of a Queue are by definition a Ticket Subscriber of Tickets associated with the Queue. The Team Member may choose to add a Ticket Subscriber record to customize the settings for a particular Ticket.

In additions to Team Members, any Open Authorized User may be a Ticket Subscriber if allowed by the Queue. A Assignee that is not a Team Member is always a Ticket Subscriber.

Ticket Subscribers may be removed from Tickets. In addition, Ticket Updates, Receives Messages and Priority Threshold may be set on a per Ticket basis for a Ticket Subscriber.

If the Queue on a Ticket is changed, existing Ticket Subscribers are removed. If the Issue on a Ticket is changed and Service Level Agreements are in place, the Priority Thresholds for the Ticket Subscribers will be reset.

If settings for receiving Messages on the Ticket Subscriber conflict with the Queue settings, the most restrictive setting will be used. In other words, if the Queue setting does not allow sending of Messages, even if the Ticket Subscribers requests it, Messages will not be sent. However, if the Queue does allow Messages to be sent and the Ticket Subscriber does not want to receive Messages, Messages will not be sent to the Ticket Subscriber.