Upgrade BillMax

  1. Download the BillMax RPM.
    1. Using a web browser, go to http://www.billmax.com.
    2. Click LOGIN. Contact support@billmax.com for the user name and password if you don't know it.
    3. Download the RPM.
    4. Copy the RPM to the Cent OS machine.
  2. Login as root.
  3. Stop any BillMax processes if they are running
    1. fetchmail - Service script is bx_fetchmail.
    2. edge - Service script is bx_edge.
    3. processHooksAsync - Service script is bx_processHooksAsync.
  4. Make backups. See Backups, Redundancy and Archiving
  5. Do the following:
    1. cd /usr/local/billmax
    2. svn commit -m "commit information"
    3. rpm -Uvh nameOfRPM
    4. cd /opt/billmax/install
    5. Execute ./BxInstall.pl
    6. Execute yum -y update.
    7. Supply "n" if you see "Continue printing (Y/n)?"
    8. Supply "F" if you see "Enter two indexes for each column to rename, (R)elist, or (F)inish:"
  6. Resolve any inconsistencies. There should not be any if no customizations have been made. After resolving an inconsistency, you may need to issue the command svn resolved filename where filename is the name of the file that had the inconsistency.
  7. cd /opt/billmax/install. Execute ./BxUroot-4.0.pl
  8. su to the billmax system user - typically "billmax"
  9. cd /opt/billmax/install. Execute ./BxUpost-4.0.pl
  10. Test the interface.
  11. Start any BillMax processes that were stopped in step 2.