Create/Edit an Email Template

Email Templates are entered via an HTML textarea widget.

  1. Access the textarea for the email template.
  2. Add or edit the email header lines. These must include:
    • To:
    • From:
    • Subject:
  3. Other email headers such as CC: may be specified
  4. Enter a blank line after the last email header line.
  5. Enter the text body of the email message. The text body is required.
  6. Warning: HTML must be well formed in XHTML format. The text entered is validated as to well-formed XML, but the XML elements are not checked to see if HTML.
    Tip: When using an <img> tag, if the src attribute begins with http: or https:, then the img tag is not modified. If the src attribute is anything else, it is considered an image file located somewhere in the /usr/local/billmax directory and is added as an embedded image.
    Optionally enter the HTML body of the email message. This is done by entering the <html>tag on a line after the text body plus the reset of the HTML.
To: ${TO}
From: ${FROM}
Subject: Outage

We are having an outage

Billing Department
    <img src=""/> <!–- This is link -->
    <img src="/images/logos/logo.jpg"/> <!–- This will include 
                                          as an embedded image -->
    <h1>We are having an outage</h1>
    <p>Billing Department</p>