Staff Interface

The edge staff interface provides access to BillMax data by way of authenticating an Authorized User using the auth table.
Important: An Authorized User must have Remote Applications/Staff checked to use this interface.
Important: If an Authorized User is going to use the Staff Portal and this interface concurrently, the Authorized User must have Concurrent Access set to Yes.
The following steps are used to access the edge staff interface:
  1. Login to the edge application with edgeLogin.
  2. Log the Authorized User into BillMax with authLogin.
  3. To get data, use staffGetRecord.
  4. To put data, use staffPutRecord.
Two PHP scripts are supplied as examples for access edge services. They are both located in /usr/local/billmax/src/bin/edge.
Access edge services using SOAP routines.
Access edge services using CURL routines with HTTPS POST.