Package Definition

A Package Definition is the same as a Service Definition with one major difference. A Package Definition may include the following:
  • One Time Item/Fee Definitions
  • Recurring Service Definitions
For included Definition, the following may be specified:
  • A minimum number of products to be added. When a Package is added to a User, One Time Item/Fee Definitions will be assessed the minimum number of times and the minimum number of Services will be added to the Package with Status of Prospective.
  • A maximum number of Services to be added. This is not enforced. However, a CSR is notified when they are about to exceed the maximum number.
  • Different pricing than that specified on the Service Definition. This enables Package level pricing for a Package of Services.

Services belonging to a Package are affected by the change in Status of a Package. For example, if a Package is Open and is changed to Closed, the non-closed Services belonging to the Package will be Closed.