Product Overview

Products are items and services sold to and/or provisioned for the customer. Products are managed by the following:
  1. Product Definitions that specify what Products are available for sale or provisioning. These referred to and defined by:
    • One Time Item/Fee Definition
    • Recurring Service Fee Definition
    • Recurring Service Definition
    • Recurring Package Definition
  2. Products that are being sold or provisioned on a recurring basis. These are based on the Product Definitions and are added to each Account at the User level. When added to a User, these are referred to and defined by:
    • Packages
    • Services

    In addition, groups of Packages and Services may be added to a User by using a Bundle.

    Attention: When adding to a User, the list of available Package, Service and Bundle Definitions presented to the CSR may be filtered by the Account Class and Technology settings. In addition to those Definitions where the Account Class and Technology are not specified, only those that match the Account Account Class setting and the User Technology setting will be available to the CSR. This is presentation only. After creation no checking is done.

In addition to Product Definitions, Products sold may have a usage component that will be billed in addition to the recurring price. Billing for the usage component may be defined by adding a Usage Tier Plan to a Recurring Package or Service Definition. In the case of VOIP billing, a VOIP plan may be added to a Recurring Package or Service Definition. See VOIP/Telecommunication for further information on VOIP billing.

The best use of Package and Service Definitions is to use them for both provisioning and billing. Billing is used to bill for the services delivered. Provisioning is used to enable or disable the services. Provisioning may be configured such that as the status of a service changes, for example due to the service ending or payment for the service is overdue, access to the service may be disabled or enabled.