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Broadband – Building for future opportunities

The pandemic has affected all of us, globally. But if there’s one shining light through it all, it’s the creation of a new work life, and work life balance. Worldwide we’ve proven that we can do great work from anywhere. In particular, this industry has shown that light with the essential service provided via internet …

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Superior mouse trap

When we started the company that ultimately became BillMax, some 25 years ago, as engineers we naturally thought “Build it and they will come”. Build a superior “mouse trap” and our products would sell themselves. Today, of course we realize to succeed you have to have more than the best product or service. Equally or …

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BillMax and GAAP Accounting

What is GAAP Accounting and what part does BillMax play? GAAP Accounting refers to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, a common set of accounting principles, standards and procedures that companies must follow when they compile their financial statements. BillMax’s part is GAAP Revenue Recognition. Care must be taken when booking pre-billing for services. When selling multi-month …

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BillMax Introduction

What is BillMax and what is it not? BillMax is a Customer Relationship Management system designed specifically to address the special needs and enhance opportunities for Internet Service Providers (ISPs and specifically WISPs) . ISPs typically have 1000’s of customers whose service requires (to name just few) the following back office functions: technician scheduling trouble …

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