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The iSpark Group, Inc., was founded in November 1994 as FastLane Communications, Inc. The corporation changed its name after selling the Internet service provider portion of the business to FirstWorld Communications, Inc., based in Denver. The sale of the ISP division allows iSpark to focus attention on BillMax software development and its complete network consulting division.

The iSpark Group developed BillMax in 1997 based on their own needs and experience. A proven track record has been established, with customer successes taking place domestically as well as internationally.

iSpark Group Board of Directors

Heavily experienced within the high-tech industry, the majority of the board consists of Fort Worth professionals who have worked, or are currently working, in the computer field. Others have backgrounds in business and marketing.

With a board that is highly experienced in high-tech and scientific fields, as opposed to just being business professionals, there is a deep overall understanding of the needs of iSpark customers. As a result, customer service is an area in which The iSpark Group excels. - USA Toll Free 877-245-5629 - Outside USA 817-446-7776