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In order to process credit cards, a Internet merchant typically needs two accounts: a Merchant Account and a Payment Gateway Account. BillMax has partnered with Authorize.Net (for Gateway Accounts) and e-onlinedata (for Merchant Accounts) to offer special accounts with low start-up costs and low ongoing fees and rates for our customers. BillMax also offers IP Pay as an integrated solution (a gateway and merchant account) for card-not-present recurring telecom, utility, and internet payments space. IP Pay furnishes a single solution for front-end authorization, back-end clearing and settlement and merchant accounting, all at a lower rates for our ISP customers. Details on our offerings are described in the table below.

Application Fee $50.00
Visa/Mastercard Rate IPPay marks transactions as recurring, where applicable, which results in very favorable rates; Contact IPPay for a detailed analysis of your current costs and a binding quote.
Visa/MC Authorization Fee $.10
Visa/MC Settlement Fee $.10
Gateway Fee Waived
Monthly Maintainence Fee $10
Annual Fee $50
Contact us or IPPay directly (by clicking on the image to the left) for more information about IPPay and their recurring rate specials.
Setup/License Fee None
Discount Rate (Visa/Mastercard) 2.19%
Transaction Fee $.20
Monthly Statement Fee $10.00
Monthly Transaction Amount Minimum None
Annual Fee None
Early Termination Fee None
The e-online application process is done online so it's fast and easy. Click image on left to begin.
Setup/License Fee None
Monthly Gateway Fee $20
Transaction Fee $.10


If you already have a Merchant Account, please contact e-onlinedata or IPPAY to see if they can save you money. If your discount rate and fees are already low, you can still take advantage of our fantastic Authorize.Net pricing. If you wish to keep your existing Merchant Account, but establish a Authorize.Net account, please contact BillMax sales ( instead. - USA Toll Free 877-245-5629 - Outside USA 817-446-7776