BillMax VOIP Overview

BillMax supports billing for VOIP services that range from very simple billing practices to complex scenarios. Examples of simple to complex are:
  1. Billing one price for all VOIP usage.
  2. Billing one price for all VOIP usage with additional billing for Long Distance calls where a "local" call is considered North America and every other call is considered a Long Distance call.
  3. Billing for one price for calls within a traditional land line local calling area and Long Distance for calls outside the area.
  4. Billing for both outgoing and incoming calls.
  5. Billing for specialty numbers such as incoming Toll Free numbers.
  6. Billing for combined usage from multiple lines.

Activating the VOIP module in BillMax requires a license with VOIP activated. Very simple billing for VOIP may be done without the VOIP module activated.