BillMax CDR Rate Deck

The BillMax CDR Rate deck is a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file used to determine what calls are Plan calls and to rate Long Distance calls. The header line "Description,Destination,Rate,Minimum Duration,Increment,Connect Fee" is required.

Column Description
Description Descriptive value of destination string.
Destination A string representing the destination of the call. For numbers part of the North American Number Plan Administration (NANPA), all strings should begin with "1". Examples are:
  • 1817 - Fort Worth, Texas
  • 1905 - Ontario, Canada
  • 1817446 - further refinement of Fort Worth, Texas

The longest string matched will be used.

Rate Rate per minute. Specified in fractional minimum monetary units. Cents for USA. Support for up to 10 decimal places.
Minimum Duration For every answered call, at least this duration in seconds will be used for billing purposes. As an example, if the Minimum Duration is 30 and a call is only 10 seconds long, a thirty second call will be billed. A value of zero will cause the use of the Long Distance Minimum Duration parameter.
Increment The step increment to use in seconds when computing the duration for billing. As an example, if a call is 53 seconds and the Increment is 5, a 55 second call will be billed.
Connect Fee The amount, specified in dollars and cents, that will be assessed for every completed call to this Destination.