Call Detail Record (CDR) Association

CDRs are processed and associated with BillMax Packages and Services for billing purposes. The association is done on both incoming and outgoing calls and the CDR data is associated by comparing the CDR data to the Package or Service d01 field.

Each CDR is associated with up to two Packages or Services based on the specified association criteria specified for inbound and outbound attributes of the CDR. Typical association is made by comparing the source of the call or the destination of the call to the Package or Service d01 field. Alternatively, a secondary set of criteria may be used such as source channel or destination channel may be compared to the d01 field. If both a primary and a secondary set of criteria are specified, both are attempted to make an association to the correct Package or Service.

Attention: Only Packages or Services that are marked as using a VOIP usage plan will be considered for CDR association.