CDR Preprocessing

CDRs may be generated from a multitude of sources. As such CDRs are preprocessed and loaded into the billmaxcdr table before being associated to a Package/Service and before being rated. Making preprocessing easily modifiable supports billing outside the NANPA domain.

Preprocessing is done via a program or scripts that output CDRs in a format expected by BillMax. Preprocessing scripts are locate in /usr/local/billmax/local and the file name is pre-pended with string preprocesscdr_. A script for Asterisk CDRs is included.

The CDR preprocessing script is responsible for the following:
  1. Eliminating calls that should not be considered such as those never connected.
  2. Removing non-numeric characters from the from the source and destination numbers.
  3. Eliminating calls from consideration based on length of number dialed or other considerations such as number being a long internal extension.
  4. Flagging N11, international call, Operator assisted calls and Toll Free calls as such. In addition, if needed, flagging calls as Local calls.
  5. Outputting the necessary source, destination and Rate Deck keys to match Package/Service d01 values and values in the Rate Decks.

The output format from CDR preprocessing may be found here BillMax CDR Input Format.