Create a Bank Deposit

  1. Select Billing Administration > Bank Deposits from the Main Menu.
  2. Select New from the Context Menu.
  3. Choose the Bank Account to which the deposit was or will be made.
  4. Enter the Date of Deposit. This is the date that will be on the bank account statement.
  5. Retrieve all possible transactions that go into the Deposit
    1. Choose the Company if bank deposits are separated by Virtual Company. Otherwise choose ALL.
    2. Choose the Tender Types.
    3. Choose the Transaction Type. Use ALL unless there is a good reason not to.
    4. Enter Beginning Post Date of the transactions for the deposit.
    5. Note: If deposits typically include charge backs or electronic check NSF, make sure the ending postdate will include those transactions.
      Enter Ending Post Date of the transactions for the deposit.
    6. Click Get Transactions
  6. Choose the Transactions that make up the Bank Deposit. Use Select All and Clear From Row to do mass selection/de-selection.
  7. Click Save on the Context Menu. The display stays on the Bank Deposit page. Once the top label changes from New Bank Deposit, using the Context Menu you may use the Spreadsheet or Print Friendly options to create a deposit report.