Create Package/Service Association for a CDR

  1. Note: Some types of associations:
    • DID only
    • Channel only
    • Channel then DID
    Decide on what type of association will be made.
  2. Note: The simplest convention is to store the DIDs as 10 digit numbers without any "punctuation" 8174467776 instead of (817)-446-7776 as an example. The delivered CDR preprocessing script outputs dialed numbers in this format.
    Note: If using channels, make sure the CDR preprocessing script outputs the channel identifier in the same format as stored in the Package/Service d01 fields.
    Decide on an convention for data stored in a Package/Service d01 field and what will be supplied by the CDR preprocessing step.
  3. Populate the Package/Service d01 fields with the same data/search keys that will come from the CDR preprocessing step.