Customize a Billing Document (HTML)

XML for documents are stored in /usr/local/billmax/documents by date. Choose a file containing the document type you wish to modify by examining the contents of the file.
  1. Copy /usr/local/billmax/cfg/xsltfiles/html/documents.xsl locally. Make local edits.
  2. Run the commands "xsltproc --output xmlfile.html --xinclude documents.xsl xmlfile" where xmlfile is the input XML file copied from /usr/local/billmax/documents.
  3. View the resulting HTML document (assuming no errors).
  4. When satisfied with HTML, , do one of the following:
    • copy edited documents.xsl to /usr/local/billmax/cfg/xsltfiles/html/documents.xsl.
    • implement a new documenclass
      1. Copy edited documents.xsl to /usr/local/billmax/cfg/xsltfiles/html/newnamedocuments.xsl.
      2. Add newname to the BillMax List documentclass.
      3. For each Account Profile that will use the new documentclass entry, set the Document Class to newname.
  5. Warning: HTML files are stored for performance reasons. When testing a new XSL file, you must either have pending transactions and be generating trial documents, or be changing some data like due date in a posted document to see the results of the new XSL file. Changing the document class will also generate a new HTML view.
    Test HTML generation from interface.