Database Tables

The following are fields that are common across most of the database tables:

Table 1. Database Conventions
Name Description
number Unique Identifier
entdate The date the record was created
enttime The time the record was created.
generation The date and time the record was last modified. Current value in database must be submitted on update.
empl The user that created the record. A reference to auth.number.
lastmodempl The user that last modified the record. A reference to auth.number
state The status of a record: closed; open; suspended; active etc.

If the field of a table is populated using a BillMax List as a lookup, it will be noted by "List listname".

If the field is a foreign key, the table and field referenced will be listed as "table.field".

Fields named "misc##" where ## represents a two digit number are database fields for the BillMax customer's use. In general the HTML for these fields is hidden by default in the template associated with the table.