Enabling Outbound Email Messages

Steps to add outbound email functionality to Ticketing. Messages may be sent as emails to customers and/or Authorized Users.

  • sendmail based outbound email capability is required for your BillMax server. This requirement is the same as required to send statements in email. This requirement usually requires specific DNS setup (SPF records) or the use of a smart host relay.
  • Each Authorized Users that will use outbound Email must have a unique email address and the email address must not be an email address of a User associated with an Account.
  1. Login to the Staff Portal.
  2. Select Correspondence > Queues from the Main Menu.
  3. Select New to create a Queue or select an existing Queue.
  4. For the Queue:
    1. Enter the From Email under Outbound Message as Email. If expecting replies to the outbound email to be automatically entered in the Queue, this value must be the Name@domain. An example is "support@example.com" for a Queue named "support". This will be the email "From" address when sending Messages as emails.
    2. Set Outbound Messages to Yes if Messages are to be emails to customers and Authorized Users or to Internal Only if just to Authorized Users.