Expose Hidden Template Fields (Text/Integer)

Modify Staff Portal templates to expose hidden fields that are linked to text or integer fields in the database.

Modifying the Account template to expose misc01 will be described.

  1. Edit /usr/local/billmax/uatemplates/account.tmp
  2. Locate the HTML element <fieldset> where the misc01 field will be displayed on the Account page.
  3. In the fieldset, add the appropriate HTML elements <li> and <label>.
  4. Move the element '<input type="hidden" name="misc01" value="##Fmisc01#"/>' after the <label>.
  5. Change 'type="hidden"' to 'type="text"'.
  6. Save the file
<input type="hidden" name="misc01" value="##Fmisc01#"/>
    <label for="accountMisc01">Address Line</label>
    <input id="accountMisc01" type="text" name="misc01" value="##Fmisc01#"/>