IPPay® Settlement Files

Use either CSV files received via email from IPPay® or XLS files downloaded from the IPPay® website to create bank deposits.

  1. Select Billing Administration > Bank Deposits from the Main Menu.
  2. Select New from the Context Menu.
  3. Click Settlement File.
  4. Select the Bank Account for the deposit.
  5. Click Choose Files to upload. Only one file at a time is allowed.
  6. Click Upload.
If eligible transactions are in the settlement file (not all settlement files result in a Bank Deposit), a new Bank Deposit will be created with a best effort at the Date of Deposit. The Bank Deposit may be viewed and adjusted by clicking Index and selecting the newly created Bank Deposit.
Note: Not all settlement files will create a Bank Deposit that matches an listing in a bank statement. In some cases the settlement file will create one Bank Deposit while the bank statement may list multiple deposits. It is recommended the result be accepted unless is it trivial to split up the newly create Bank Deposit.
Note: Another issue is that sometime the settlement file does not contain all transactions. This can be addressed by editing the newly created Bank Deposit and adding the missing transactions listed in BillMax.