Install BillMax

  1. Download the BillMax RPM.
    1. Using a web browser, go to
    2. Click Customer Downloads and login in. Contact for the user name and password if you don't know it.
    3. CAUTION:
      Verify both the version, CentSO6 and the architecture: i386 for 32 bit; x86_64 for 64 bit.
      Download the appropriate RPM.
    4. Copy the RPM to the Cent OS machine.
  2. Install BillMax.
    1. Login to the Cent OS machine as root.
    2. Execute yum -y groupinstall base.
    3. Execute rpm-ivh nameOfRPM.
    4. Execute cd /opt/billmax/install.
    5. Execute ./
    6. Accepting the defaults for the prompts is recommended.
    7. Contact to request a license.
  3. Configure MySQL®.
    1. Execute /sbin/service mysqld start.
    2. Execute /usr/bin/mysql_secure_installation. Accept the defaults. Set the root password. The password must not have a "$" in it.
  4. Using a web browser, go the URL displayed at the end of step 2 which includes BxConfigure.cgi.