Modify the Customer Portal Application Login Credentials

  1. Modify the credentials on the BillMax server.
    1. Select System Administration > Remote Applications from the Top Menu.
    2. Choose the entry for the Customer Portal.
    3. Enter the Application Login Name if needed.
    4. Enter the Application Password.
    5. Select Save from the Context Menu.
  2. Restart the edge server.
    1. Login or su to the BillMax server as root.
    2. Execute /sbin/service bx_edge restart.
  3. Edit /usr/local/billmax/html/portal/billmaxedge/lib/php/local/billmaxedge.ini and set the user and password entries with the values from steps 1.c and 1.d.
  4. If the Customer Portal software is installed on a different server than BillMax, the billmaxedge.ini file on the remote server will have to have the same edits.
  5. If testing, you may need to restart your web browser or clear the cache.