Pending Financial Transactions

Pending Financial Transactions are financial transactions that have been added to an Account but are not yet posted as part of an Invoice. As they are not posted the following is true:
  1. Taxes have not been computed/assessed
  2. Amounts do not show up on financial reports such as Sales, Book Keeping, Store Credit Activity, etc.
  3. The customer balance is not affected. The customer is neither debited nor credited the Pending Transaction amount.
Pending Transactions consist of the following:
  1. Pending Sales
  2. Pending Store Credits
  3. Pending Deposits
  4. Pending Sales Returns
  5. Pending Store Credit Reversals
  6. Pending Deposit Reversals

When a Pending Financial Transactions are invoiced, the amounts are then reflected in the Account's balance and show up on financial reports. Until the Pending Financial Transactions are invoiced, the Account is not responsible for the debits or given credit represented by the Pending Financial Transaction.

BillMax nightly processing may be configured to automatically invoice Pending Financial Transactions daily. Otherwise, automated invoicing of Pending Financial Transactions will be will occur the next time an automated Invoice or Billing Statement is generated for the Account.

Pending Sales and Pending Store Credits may have a future date specified to delay automated invoicing.