Refundable Amount

The Refundable Amount for an Account consists of all Payment amounts that are not being used to payoff a debit.

The total amount that may be refunded to a customer is limited to the total of the payments ever received from a customer. Store Credits may never be refunded to a Customer.

In order to book or process a refund for an Account, the Refundable Amount in the Account Overview must be negative.

In general a Refund should be made in the same way the payment was received. A Refund by check will be used for a Payment by check or cash. A Refund by credit card will be used for a Payment by Credit Card and so on. In cases where the Refund cannot be made by credit card because the transaction is too old or the credit card account has been closed, a Refund by check will need to be made.

There is a special case in which the Refundable Amount in the Account Overview may be positive. In this case, the customer owes the amount shown. One scenario in which this may occur is the following:
  1. Customer makes a credit card payment paying off a Sale.
  2. Customer discontinues Service and wants a Refund.
  3. A Sales Return is created creating a negative Refundable Amount.
  4. A check is written to the customer. The Refundable Amount is now 0.
  5. The customer contacts their credit card company and a credit card charge back is granted.
  6. The charge back is book in BillMax using a Payment Reversal on the original payment.

    The end result is that the customer received the original payment back twice. The customer owes the original payment amount and the Refundable Amount is positive.