Resolve a Credit Card or Electronic Check Transaction Flagged as Unknown

Use these steps when an Electronic Payment or Refund Transaction is flagged as Unknown.

  1. View the Account.
  2. Select Billing > Electronic Payment Activity
  3. Identify the Unknown transaction looking for "Unknown" under the Approved? column.
  4. Verify with the processor whether or not the transaction was successful.
  5. Approve or decline the transaction in BillMax
    1. Click the relevant link under the Number column..
      The Electronic Transaction dialog will be displayed.
    2. Enter Authorization Code if available.
    3. Enter Processor Id if available.
    4. Click Accepted or Declined.
      A dialog asking to continue will be displayed.
    5. Click Yes.
      If accepted, a pre-populated Payment dialog will be displayed.
    6. Enter any extra data in the Payment dialog.
    7. Click Save.