Tickets represent a single Issue to be addressed. A Ticket is associated with a Queue and is composed of the following:
  • An Issue to be resolved.
  • The Resolution of the Issue
  • The Status.
  • The Assignee.
  • Performance metrics for the Ticket if an SLA Item can be determined for the Ticket Issue. These include:
    • SLA Deadline - the date and time at which the Ticket should be resolved.
    • Priority - the initial Priority of a Ticket is taken from the SLA Item. The Priority is increased through time based on SLA Item settings if the program escalatetickets is activated through Batch Processing. If a Ticket Issue is changed, the Ticket Priority will be reset and recalculated based the SLA Item performance metrics of the new Issue from the creation time of the Ticket.
    • Next Priority Increase

Multiple Tickets may be merged together. They will be merged to the oldest Ticket in the group.

A single Ticket may be split into multiple Tickets by creating new Tickets from Messages. For SLA purposes, the date and time of the new Ticket will be used when determining performance metrics for the new Ticket.

Associated with a Ticket are:
  • Messages
  • Notes
  • Appointments
  • Files
  • Ticket Subscribers