Timezones and Service Locations

The timestamps in the CDRs after pre-processing may be either UTC or a local timezone. If UTC, each service location will need to be assigned a timezone. A default list of timezones is stored in the BillMax List timezones. If a new timezone is added to the list, it must be supported by the underlying operating system. If no timezone is specified, times are considered local.

A default timezone may be specified on the Virtual Company. An Account created under the Virtual Company will use the Virtual Company timezone as the default. The timezone specified on the Account is used as the default for a User under the Account.

Packages/Services added to a User are automatically assigned the User record as a location for timezone and mapping purposes. A Package/Service may be configured to have a different location than the parent User by specifying an alternate User belonging to the Account. This allows for one User to be used for tax purposes and default map location and timezone while containing Packages/Services that may be in a different location but should be taxed at the primary location.