Upload CDR File

  1. Select Billing Administration > Upload VOIP CDR Data from the Top Menu.
  2. Upload the RAW CDR file
    1. Select the CDR Source.
    2. Select the CDR File.
    3. Click UPLOAD CDR File.
      The raw CDR file is now on the BillMax server.
  3. Process the CDR file:
    1. Select the CDR File.
    2. Click PROCESS CDR File.
      The CDR file has been run the preprocessor and the result are ready to be loaded into the BillMax database.
  4. Load Processed CDR File:
    1. Select Preprocessed CDR File.
    2. Click LOAD CDRs.
      The CDRs are loaded into the BillMax cdr table and the CDRs are associated with Packages and Services.